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FL-3 Single Layer OzzyMat®®

THE OZZYMAT® is a proprietary particulate trap impregnated with our special blend of microbes, we call Ozzy® Microbes, and it is the most important part of the CRC SmartWasher® System.

The OzzyMat® traps large particles of grease and oil cleaned off dirty parts, along with any additional particulate matter larger than 50 microns. However, the most important function of the OzzyMat® is to release the Ozzy Microbes into the CRC SmartWasher® system.

Once inside the CRC SmartWasher® base, and activated by the OzzyJuice® solution, the Ozzy Microbes break down, or “eat”, the greases, oils and other carbon-based products being cleaned off dirty parts.  The by-product of this bioremediation process (breaking down carbon based contaminants) is harmless carbon-dioxide and water, about as much as what a typical house plant would produce.

If you change the OzzyMat® at least every 30 days, or once a month, do not use the system as a waste oil dump, and follow the operating instructions from the operations manual, then you should never need to haul away dirty parts washing fluid again. OzzyJuice® cleans the dirty parts but it is the Ozzy Microbes that clean out the OzzyJuice®.

REMEMBER:  OzzyJuice® cleans the dirty parts, but it is the Ozzy Microbes that clean OzzyJuice®


The OzzyMat® is the Key Component to the CRC SmartWasher® Parts-Washing System

The OzzyMat® introduces our microbes (we call them Ozzys) into the CRC SmartWasher® Bioremediating parts washing system.  This OzzyMat® has two main functions:

1. It prevents particulate such as grit, inorganic dirt and debris, small and large pieces of grease from entering the system, thereby preventing the development of sludge.

2. It introduces the Ozzy Microbes into the OzzyJuice®, which is a proprietary process (the microbes impregnated in the OzzyMat®, migrate from the mat into the OzzyJuice®)

Once inside the CRC SmartWasher® system, and completely immersed in the OzzyJuice® solution, the Ozzy Microbes activate and begin doing their job, which is to keep the OzzyJuice® solution clean and strong. Our powerful blend of Ozzy Microbes, through the process of bioremediation, break down the carbon-based products, such as the greases, oils and other contaminants cleaned off dirty parts, creating harmless by-products of carbon-dioxide and water. In order to keep the OzzyJuice® solution working at peak performance, new Ozzy Microbes need to be added into the CRC SmartWasher® on a routine basis. The way to add new microbes into the system is simple: CHANGE THE OZZYMAT, CHANGE THE OZZYMAT, CHANGE THE OZZYMAT.

CHANGING OUT THE ENTIRE OZZYMAT A MINIMUM OF EVERY 30 DAYS, OR ONCE A MONTH refreshes and replaces the microbial components of the system.  Keep in mind, the OzzyJuice® cleans the dirty parts, but the Ozzys introduced via the OzzyMat® clean the OzzyJuice®.  New, strong, refreshed microbes equals clean, strong OzzyJuice® ready to use each time you need to clean a dirty part.

Failure to change the OzzyMat® monthly will reduce the efficiency, and bioremediation capabilities of the microbes (Ozzys). This will result in the OzzyJuice® becoming more and more contaminated until the system may no longer clean.

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