7/1/2004: Hydrocarbon Solvents Prohibited Effective July 1, 2004

//7/1/2004: Hydrocarbon Solvents Prohibited Effective July 1, 2004

Hydrocarbon Solvents Prohibited Effective July 1, 2004

Important Notice For Facilities Using Solvents for Surface Cleaning

Hydrocarbon Solvents Prohibited Effective July 1, 2004

State law requires the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District to implement “every feasible measure” in its efforts to attain the air quality standard for ozone. The California Air Resources Board and the APCD have determined that reducing the amount of solvents that evaporate from cold surface cleaning is a feasible control measure.

Ventura County APCD Rule 74.6 applies to any person using hydrocarbon solvents such as mineral spirits, Stoddard solvent, paint thinner, or alcohol to clean a wide variety of surfaces including parts, products, tools, equipment, and work areas associated with manufacturing and maintenance operations, automotive, trucks, bus, and other machinery and equipment repair; metal-working facilities; oilfield operations; and others.

Beginning July 1, 2004, Ventura County APCD Rule 74.6 will prohibit the use of cleaning solvents containing more than 25 grams of reactive organic compounds (ROC) per liter. This prohibition applies to cleaning activities conducted in cleaning tanks and other cleaning equipment, as well as cleaning activities conducted outside of cleaning equipment, such as hand wipe cleaning. New water-based surface cleaning formulations are readily available. A list of complying cleaning fluids can be found at www.aqmd.gov/rules/cas/prolist.html.

Surface cleaning of electronic components, medical devices, aerospace components, and coating application equipment (such as pain guns, brushes, and rollers) are subject to less stringent ROC limits. Additional exceptions to the 25 gram per liter limit may apply depending on the type of surface being cleaned and the contaminants being removed. However, work practice standards and equipment requirements may apply to these exempt cleaning activities.


Questions regarding these new requirements should be directed to Dan Searcy at 805/645-1494

April 21, 2004

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