5/2013: Antarctica – Testimonial – Furthest South SmartWasher® in the World!

//5/2013: Antarctica – Testimonial – Furthest South SmartWasher® in the World!

Antarctica – Furthest South SmartWasher® in the World!

From: Lex McKenzie (Scott Base)
Sent: Monday, 20 May 2013 12:14 p.m.
Subject: Antarctic SmartWasher® SW-128

Hi Robert,

Sorry for the delay with this, hopefully the photos are ok. Our bandwidth gets cut way back over winter so we have to resize everything to small size. As you probably know, we were using a DIY type parts cleaner with Kerosene before the SmartWasher®. The SmartWasher® to date has been great. I was sceptical of waterborne cleaners as I have tried different ones in the past and they haven’t performed well. Even the hire units in New Zealand I believe are using Kerosene R, it is fumy and you can’t blow dry parts after washing with this as it leaves an oily residue. I have washed parts in the SmartWasher® that have had years of oil build up on them, the OzzyJuice® has been cutting through this very well, you can blow dry parts after washing them In the SmartWasher® and very little fume or odour comes from the OzzyJuice®. The environment is very important to us down in Antarctica which helped us make the choice to buy the SmartWasher® due to the OzzyJuice® being free of volatile organic compounds and being biodegradable. So, if for some reason we do have an incident with the SmartWasher® we are not harming the environment. We also recirculate the air in the buildings here so it is important we don’t have anything inside that omits strong fumes, the OzzyJuice® ticks this box also. The SmartWasher® SW-128 has a good size tray and is strongly constructed so I am sure it will handle most things we throw at it. To sum up, the SmartWasher® is working well for us and has been a good investment.

Lex McKenzie

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