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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems




TESTIMONIALS: what people are saying about the SmartWasher                              Bioremediating Parts Washers...



". . . The SmartWasher SW-128 has a good size tray and is strongly constructed so I am sure it will handle most things we throw at it. To sum up, the SmartWasher is working well for us and has been a good investment." (read the entire letter and comments sent in by Mr. Lex McKenzie)


—Lex McKenzie

The furthest south SmartWasher in the world
Antarctica, New Zealand


". . . I had the opportunity to experience the benefits of using a SmartWasher. I liked it. The fluid was always clean and ready to wash parts every morning. We had three of the units each with different fluids . . . All of them worked very well." (read the entire letter and comments sent in by Mr. Fabian Vereda)


—Fabian Vereda
AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care/El Cajon, CA


"We were initially using a Safety Kleen unit, but after testing the ChemFree unit, we purchased the ChemFree and have been satisfied with our choice!" (read the entire letter and comments sent in by Mr. Brad Darville)


—Brad Darville/Shop Foreman
Harley-Davidson/Woodstock, IL


"The SmartWasher has exceeded my expectations and the results are phenomenal." (read the entire letter and comments sent in by Mr. Clark Curley)


—Clark Curley/CEO
Agri-King, Inc./Fulton, IL



"Excellent machine!"

—John Patterson
PGA National Resort & Spa/Palm Beach Gardens, FL



"Awesome unit!"

Collinsville Auto Repair/Collinsville, CT



"Love it."

—John Talley
John Talley Motors/Mechanicsville, VA



"I am an aircraft mechanic working for a contractor at Ft. Drum, NY.  Our hazmat man brought in a SmartWasher and told us to use it for 30 days and let him know how we like it. We have used it for 1 day. Gentlemen, this thing is absolutely amazing! I personally have been a mechanic on everything from boats to cars to aircraft and I can't tell you how cool this product is. After 30 years of immersing my hands in solvent based cleaners, this product takes the worry away. It seems to clean better than anything we have been using.  Absolutely fantastic product! Two more things, we are not going to give up the cleaner after the 30 days and can we purchase stock in your company. I seriously want one for my home shop."

—Dan Vock
Contractor/Ft. Drum, NY



"Love it!"

—Zev Nadler
Desert Wolf Tours/Scottsdale, AZ



"We now have one of your SW-23 SmartWasher with the SW-8 Aircraft & Weapons OzzyJuice solution in our aircraft engine shop. I must say it’s by far the best washer I've ever used or seen. What used to take us three days to wash all of our engine parts is now done in one day! Not only is it faster but a lot cleaner. Parts come out looking like new. Thanks for a great product that really works!!  Good Job, "

DS2/Gouverneur, NY



"Great Cleaner"

—Charlie Mills
East Los Angeles College/Monterey Park, CA



"Replacing a 7 year old, well used unit."

—Mike McCone
Orinda Country Club/Orinda, CA



"2nd SmartWasher"

—Gregg Waldner
Wamsutter Conoco Service/Wamsutter, WY



"Good Unit."

—Randy Bird
Woodside Motorsports/Hailey, ID



"Nice Product."

—David Bainger
Eagle Burgmann/Charlotte, NC



"Very Good Unit."

Heavy Duty Truck/Nashua, NH



"I am very pleased with this unit."

—Paul Crum
Coca Cola Bottling/San Leandro, CA





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