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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


Compare how much your current parts washer costs versus the SmartWasher parts washer.


Just enter in your costs in the left column and hit calculate.


Costs Average Monthly Maintenance Expense

Current Parts Washer

SmartWasher Parts Washer
(after acquisition of equipment)

Hazardous waste service contract charges $ No service contracts $0
EPA/OSHA compliance materials:
gloves, respirators, eye protection, other equipment $ not required $0
training, training logs $ not required $0
Manifest preparation, review, storage (__ hours x $__/hour) $ not required $0
Emergency spill containment materials $ not required $0
Permits and insurance coverage required for hazardous, flammable, and VOC-emitting materials $ not required (non-hazardous, nonflammable, no VOC's) $0
Waterless hand cleaners $ Use pH-neutral OzzyJuice to clean your hands as well as your greasy parts $0
Spray solvents used to pre-treat greasy parts $ OzzyJuice will clean all types of grime -- even cuts through built-up varnishes $0
Intangible costs and potential liabilities:
Transportation, recycling, disposal of hazardous waste $ not applicable $0
Fines/penalties for failure to maintain proper permits $ not applicable $0
Adverse effect on human health - employee grievances $ not applicable $0
Mitigation response required for accidental release of reportable quantities of hazardous materials $ not applicable $0
Monthly expenditures with current parts cleaner: $ Monthly expenditures with the SmartWasher: Approximately $65-$75 a month *
You can save $ to $ per month or
$ to $ per year using the SmartWasher!


* Includes OzzyJuice replenishment and monthly OzzyMat change costs for one SmartWasher.
Calculations are based off of average MSRP for monthly OzzyMat FL-4 & OzzyJuice SW-3, 4 ,6, 7, 8 products.
Actual fluid and filter prices may vary by distributor and type of fluid/filter purchased.

Usage may vary based on application, type of fluid/filter purchased.