Maintaining The CRC SmartWasher®

/Maintaining The CRC SmartWasher®
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Keep your CRC SmartWasher®® plugged in at all times in order to maintain the optimum OzzyJuice®® temperature of 105°F – 115°F.  Ozzy® Microbes will break down the greases, oils, and other contaminants you are cleaning off your dirty parts faster in a warm environment, which will keep you


clean and strong and ready to work.

Routinely change your OzzyMat®® a minimum of once a month, or every 30 days.  Following this simple procedure will help ensure your system has a large, strong Ozzy® Microbe colony.  Stronger Ozzy Microbes mean cleaner OzzyJuice®® and better overall cleaning performance in your CRC SmartWasher®® Bioremediating Parts-Washing System.  So remember: Change your OzzyMat®®,  Change your OzzyMat®®, Change your OzzyMat®®

 Add (1) 5-gallon container of OzzyJuice®® to your CRC SmartWasher®® system when the low fluid light is illuminated – the heater will not turn on when the “add fluid” light is on.  Do not just top off the system, add the entire 5-gallon container of OzzyJuice®®.  Once the 5-gallon container has been added to the unit, the heater will come back on, OzzyJuice®® will heat and the Ozzy Microbes will be happy.

The OzzyMat®® is the key component in the CRC SmartWasher®® System.

The OzzyMat®® is how the Ozzy®Microbes are introduced into the CRC SmartWasher®® system.  It will also trap particulate cleaned off the dirty parts which will help reduce excess clogging during its’ 30 days or (1) month‘s life. THE OZZYMAT® MUST BE CHANGED MONTHLY.  Routinely changing the OzzyMat®® will keep the Ozzy®Microbes healthy and strong.  This simple procedure will keep your CRC SmartWasher®® system working at peak performance. Failure to change the OzzyMat®® monthly will reduce the efficiency, health and bioremediation capabilities of the Ozzy®Microbes. This will result in the OzzyJuice®® becoming more and more contaminated until the system will no longer clean.

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