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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


SmartWasher FL-3 Single Layer OzzyMat


The OzzyMat™ is the key component in the SmartWasher® System.

The OzzyMat is designed to introduce our microbes (Ozzys) into the SmartWasher system, a patented process, and to help reduce excess clogging during its’ 30 days, or (1) month‘s use. It must be changed monthly which will keep the microbe (Ozzy®) colony healthy and keep your SmartWasher system working at peak performance. Failure to change the OzzyMat monthly will reduce the efficiency, health and bioremediation capabilities of the microbes (Ozzys). This will result in the OzzyJuice® becoming more and more contaminated until the system no longer cleans.


FL-3 - The Single Layer OzzyMat™ - designed for application with light usage.


The FL-3 Single Layer OzzyMat™ has (1) white layer and (1) blue layer. The white layer on the mat is designed to trap any particulate larger than 50 Microns. The blue layer provides support for the microbes (Ozzys) located in the mat. These microbes (Ozzys) migrate from the OzzyMat into the OzzyJuice®, located in your SmartWasher tank, and break down hazardous waste.