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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems



SmartWasher® - the Bioremediating Parts Washer
The award winning SmartWasher® is the world’s best selling bioremediating parts washing system - uniting superior performance and environmental responsibility at an affordable price.


The SmartWasher parts washers utilize a powerful aqueous based degreasing solution called OzzyJuice® to clean your greasy parts and combine that with a specialized particulate trap impregnated with safe, naturally occurring microbes called an OzzyMat™. The microbes on the OzzyMat, called Ozzys®, will break down, or eat, the grease, oil and other contaminants out of the OzzyJuice leaving it clean and strong for every use.


SmartWasher® Product Line:

SmartWasher SW-23 OzzyJuice Compare SW-4 OzzyMat Compare FL-4 OzzyBooster







The SmartWasher user will enjoy many remarkable benefits from the system:


  • a wide spectrum of cost savings
  • safe for both the user and the environment
  • eliminates the generation of liquid hazardous wastes
  • uses degreasing solutions that work as quickly as solvent
  • constructed from heavy duty HDPE
  • and most importantly – a parts washer that works


Parts Washing Markets Served
Outperforming the competition, the SmartWasher® is adept at cleaning a multitude of contaminants in a variety of industries and repair facilities:



Best Parts Washers
Whether you are searching for an automotive parts washer or industrial parts washer, the SmartWasher is the best parts washer for the job. It’s constructed from heavy duty HDPE to tolerate the difficult work of cleaning your dirtiest parts. With a fluid level sensor and on-board diagnostics, parts washers are easy to use, simple to maintain and built to last.


Part Washers That Save Your Company Money
Your company can save money with one of our parts washers. Calculate your savings or try a parts washer for free for 30 days to experience the savings first hand. Our customers have experienced great savings with the addition of one of our parts washers, the SmartWasher bioremediating parts washing system.


Safe Parts Washer
Our parts washers are safe for your employees and safe for the environment. In fact, the USDA, AQMD and ETL have certified and approved our parts washer system.


With no flash point, no toxic solvents, and no caustic materials, the SmartWasher is the powerful alternative to solvent you have been looking for. Go green without compromise and eliminate the generation of liquid hazardous waste….order a part washer for your company today. Contact ChemFree today at 1-800-741-9221.