SW-25 Signature Parts Washer

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Project Description

SW-25 fits every budget and has everything you need in a manual parts washer and then some: toggle switch controls, a flow control timer, adjustable thermostat, and a super capacity pump.

This manual parts washer ships fully assembled for fast installation and set up. Safe and easy to operate, our manual parts washers require very little maintenance to maintain…simply change your OzzyMat® every 30 days.

Try the SW-25 manual parts washer at your company with a free 30 day trial.

Manual Parts Washer SW-25 Safely Cleans

If you want to eliminate the use of harmful solvents at your company, a manual parts washer is your solution. The state-of-the-art SW-25 uses our powerful, aqueous-based degreasing solutions called OzzyJuice®and a specialized particulate trap impregnated with safe, naturally occurring microbes called an OzzyMat®™.  The OzzyJuice® cleans the oil, grease, and grime from the parts while the microbes clean the oil, grease, and grime out of the OzzyJuice®. This patented process uses bioremediation to safely remove and remediate oil, grease, and grime from automotive and industrial parts.

This method is safer than older technologies that utilize mineral spirits and toxic solvents. Our OzzyJuice® works quickly to lift grime from dirty parts without any damage or irritation to your skin because OzzyJuice® is non caustic, non toxic, and water based.

A Manual Parts Washer Eliminates Costs

No solvents means no hazardous waste to dispose of and transport. How is the SW-25 cost-effective? Check out our savings calculator. Learn how you can eliminate costly compliance materials, such as gloves, respirators, permits, insurance coverage for VOC-emitting materials and more…a SW-25 manual parts washer will save your company money. Order one today…contact ChemFree to locate a distributor near you.
Utilize the bioremediating power of our Ozzy microbes to protect your workers and the environment with our SW-25 manual parts washer…containing the features you need at an affordable price.


Overall Dimensions 39″ x 29″ x 40″
Inside Sink Dimensions 26″ x 17″ x 8″
Fluid Capacity 25 Gallons (94.63 L)
Load Capacity 500 lbs
Controls  Toggle Switch
Adjustable Thermostat 105° – 115°
Flow Control Timer 10 Minutes
Pump Capacity 300 gph
Certified ETL (UL / CSA) CE
Parts Washer Construction Heavy Duty HDPE

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