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Project Description

OzzyBooster®  is a Microbial Enhancer that can be used to enhance, or give your CRC SmartWasher system a “boost” of microbial activity that helps when the parts cleaning applications are heavier than normal.  It actually increases the density of Ozzy® Microbes in the system.  OzzyBooster® can be added once every 3 to 4 months.  This will help make sure you have enough Ozzy Microbes in the OzzyJuice®, and that will keep the solution clean and strong every time you need to wash a dirty part.

In most cases, the need for a “boost” will never materialize but when an overused machine needs a “kick in the microbes”, so to speak, OzzyBooster™ can do the job.

OzzyBooster® is a microbial enhancer that can be used to enhance or “boost” microbial activity in the CRC SmartWasher® system; it actually increases the density of Ozzys™ (microbes) within the OzzyJuice®. The new Ozzy Microbes, and additional nutrients contained in OzzyBooster®, broaden the available territory in which the Ozzy Microbes can breed and eat.


OzzyBooster® is a liquid blend of non-pathogenic microbes classified as Class 1 organisms because of their lack of risk to humans and animals, and are the same blend of microbes used in our OzzyMats®. This amazing “booster” is not simply for extreme usage situations, where the OzzyJuice does not have a chance to recover before more contaminants are added, but can be used in any CRC SmartWasher®, at any time.

DIRECTIONS: Simply pour the 8.5 oz. container of OzzyBooster® directly into the base of the CRC SmartWasher.  The Ozzy Microbes will do the rest.

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