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THE OZZYMAT® is a proprietary particulate trap impregnated with our special blend of microbes, we call Ozzy® Microbes, and it is the most important part of the CRC SmartWasher® System.

The OzzyMat®® traps large particles of grease and oil cleaned off dirty parts, along with any additional particulate matter larger than 50 microns. However, the most important function of the OzzyMat® is to release the Ozzy Microbes into the CRC SmartWasher® system.

Once inside the CRC SmartWasher® base, and activated by the OzzyJuice®® solution, the Ozzy Microbes break down, or “eat”, the greases, oils and other carbon-based products being cleaned off dirty parts.  The by-product of this bioremediation process (breaking down carbon based contaminants) is harmless carbon-dioxide and water, about as much as what a typical house plant would produce.

The end-result is clean OzzyJuice® ready to use every time you need to wash a dirty part.  As long as you make sure to change the OzzyMat® at least every 30 days, or once a month, do not use the system as a waste oil dump, and follow the operating instructions located in the operations manual, you should never need to haul away dirty parts washing fluid again.

Keep in mind:  The OzzyJuice® cleans the dirty parts but it is the Ozzy Microbes that clean the OzzyJuice®. 

The FL-4 Multi-Layer OzzyMat®® has (3) white layers and (1) blue layer. The white layers on the mat trap any particulate larger than 50 microns and must be peeled away once a week to help reduce possible sludge buildup and for the optimum performance of the entire system. The blue layer is the support structure  that contains the Ozzy Microbes.  It is also the delivery system that allows them to enter into the the CRC SmartWasher® tank. Migrating from the OzzyMat® into the OzzyJuice®®, these Ozzy Microbes will immediately begin breaking down the greases, oils, and other contaminants being cleaned off your dirty parts. From this process of bioremediation the Ozzy Microbes will produce a harmless by-product of carbon dioxide and water (the amount a normal house plant produces).

The OzzyMat®® is what makes the CRC SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts-Washing System work at peak performance.   A good rule to remember is Change The OzzyMat®, Change The OzzyMat®, ChangeThe OzzyMat®.

The OzzyMat®® must be changed monthly to keep the Ozzy Microbe colony healthy and strong. Failure to change the OzzyMat® monthly will reduce the efficiency, health and bioremediation capabilities of the Ozzy Microbes. If you do not change your OzzyMat® regularly then the OzzyJuice®® will become more and more contaminated until the system no longer cleans – so CHANGE THE MAT, CHANGE THE MAT, CHANGE THE MAT.

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