Firestone selects ChemFree's NEW Combo Parts and Air Brake Washer for Service Centers Nationwide

Firestone has selected the ChemFree SmartWasher® for use in its national chain of service centers. The decision to implement the SmartWasher was based on effective cleaning combined with greater cost effectiveness. Firestone performed extensive user testing prior to the decision. Users welcomed cleaning with OzzyJuice and they appreciated managements’ desire to promote employee health and safety.

Firestone determined that the most cost-effective solution for the requirements of its service centers would be a single machine that cleans both brakes and automotive parts. Working closely with Firestone, ChemFree developed an amazing combination parts and brake washer system that employs ChemFree’s proprietary bioremediation technologies.

The decision was easy…ChemFree Corporation is the best-qualified supplier and the SmartWasher Combo is the best parts/brake washer for Firestone’s service centers nationwide.