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ChemFree makes parts washers for a wide variety of industries that depend on heavy machinery and equipment to get the job done. All of our parts washers are designed to clean even the grimiest parts safely, quickly, and effectively. Once you’ve tried our CRC SmartWasher® parts washers for your industrial cleaning needs, you’ll never go back to those hazardous solvent or chemical-based cleaning systems again! Any parts washer you choose should provide you with several important benefits. By selecting the CRC SmartWasher® from ChemFree to clean your vital industrial parts and equipment, you will get a parts washer that not only helps keep parts in peak working condition but also extends their longevity. Your business will also receive a host of economic and environmental benefits to boot.


If even one of your vehicles is unable to hit the road when it’s supposed to, your business takes a major hit. Our automotive parts washer is safe for your employees and the environment. In fact, the NSF, AQMD and ETL have certified and approved our auto parts washer system.
Our automotive parts washers will effectively remove built-up grease, oil and other contaminants that can lead to the premature demise of a vehicle. The exclusive CRC SmartWasher®® bioremediation process will remove these stubborn contaminants with ease and keep your vehicles on the highway instead of in the repair shop.

General Industrial Maintenance

If you operate any type of industrial facility, you know that the job of keeping the equipment clean is an ongoing process and needs to be executed properly to keep the machines humming and prevent mechanical breakdowns at the most inopportune times.

With all sorts of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and even computer-operated systems in the modern industrial environment, you require parts washers that are versatile enough to meet a wide variety of cleaning needs. The extensive line of CRC SmartWasher®® parts washers has all the bases covered, no matter what type of industrial cleaning task awaits you.

Military Operations

Just as ground vehicles need to be properly cleaned for optimal performance, so do aircraft parts and weapons. The military faces its own unique set of challenges. The abundance of weapons such as M-16s and side-arms require specialized products that can clean intricate parts.

The military needs reliable parts washers to keep their extensive fleet of land vehicles at the ready at all times. A line of reliable CRC SmartWasher®® parts washers is available to keep your military machinery in fighting shape. Our parts washers can also clean several parts at once, providing the maximum efficiency essential for all military operations.

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Why Choose The CRC SmartWasher®?

  • A Powerful Grime-Fighting System
  • Our Parts Washer Can Save You Money
  • Our Parts Washer Is Safe for the Environment
  • Parts Washer Equipment That Is Built to Last
  • A Parts Washer Featuring a Risk-free 30 day Trial

What Client’s Say

The CRC SmartWasher® SW-128 has a good size tray and is strongly constructed so I am sure it will handle most things we throw at it. To sum up, the CRC SmartWasher® is working well for us and has been a good investment.

Lex McKenzie, Antarctica, New Zealand

I am an aircraft mechanic working for a contractor at Ft. Drum, NY. Our hazmat man brought in a CRC SmartWasher® and told us to use it for 30 days and let him know how we like it. We have used it for 1 day. Gentlemen, this thing is absolutely amazing! I personally have been a mechanic on everything from boats to cars to aircraft and I can’t tell you how cool this product is. After 30 years of immersing my hands in solvent based cleaners, this product takes the worry away. It seems to clean better than anything we have been using. Absolutely fantastic product!

Dan Vock, Contractor/Ft. Drum, NY

We now have one of your SW-23 CRC SmartWasher® with the SW-8 Aircraft & Weapons OzzyJuice® solution in our aircraft engine shop. I must say it’s by far the best washer I’ve ever used or seen. What used to take us three days to wash all of our engine parts is now done in one day! Not only is it faster but a lot cleaner. Parts come out looking like new. Thanks for a great product that really works!!

Kenneth , DS2/Gouverneur, NY

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Purchase A CRC SmartWasher® Today

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