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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems


Industrial maintenance is the broad term for keeping factory equipment running at optimal efficiency. The tasks involved with industrial maintenance are many and include repairs, scheduled maintenance, cleaning, parts replacement and lubrication.


Those in the industrial maintenance field troubleshoot pneumatic, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and computer-controlled systems. Their job is to ensure there is no machine downtime and each piece of equipment is running as efficiently as possible.


When a machine used in manufacturing goes down the implications could be extreme. Some machines, such as an enormous drill used in mining operations, can cost a company millions of dollars a day in lost revenue. One equipment malfunction can be the difference between profit and loss.


Moreover, the cost of running manufacturing equipment can be staggering especially if it is not running at peak efficiency. From labor costs needed to fix breakdowns to the energy required to keep the equipment running, a weak-performing piece of machinery can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars within a very short period of time.


The industrial maintenance industry has come to rely on the parts washer to ensure equipment is properly serviced and maintained.


Benefits of Parts Washing for Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing equipment is comprised of countless parts. These parts are susceptible to contaminants and debris, which can either shut an entire piece of equipment down or make the running the equipment more costly.


A part washer can be used to thoroughly clean parts of grime and dirt, including oil, grease, carbon, ink, paint and other contaminants.


Because more than one part can be cleaned at the same time production and efficiency are improved. What could take hundreds of man-hours to achieve, part washers can complete in a fraction of the time and more safely.


Industrial Maintenance Getting Greener Thanks to Parts Washers

As the protection of the environment makes its way to the forefront of legislation, industries are working hard to meet and exceed new green regulations.


New and improved part washers are helping the industrial maintenance industry become greener. The new part washers available today use microbes that eat away grease, oil and other containments. While old parts washers produce liquid hazardous waste, these new microbial versions do not.