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BIOREMEDIATING  parts washing systems




Bioremediation is the use of biological agents such as microbes or plants to break down or neutralize “hazardous substances” or “contaminants” thereby removing dangerous chemicals in the environment. The science of bioremediation is listed as one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) innovative technologies.


How is “Bioremediation” different from “Biodegradation”?

BIOREMEDIATION is the use of natural biological agents such as microbes to break down or neutralize “hazardous substances” or contaminants, the removal of pollutants. FOR EXAMPLE: In the SmartWasher Ozzy(s), natural biological agents or microbes, break down the carbon-based contaminants (grease and oil) and turn them into harmless carbon dioxide and water. BIODEGRADATION is the chemical dissolution of materials by bacteria or other biological means.


How do I know the SmartWasher® is safe to use?

The OzzyJuice degreasing solutions used in the SmartWasher are non-hazardous, non-corrosive, pH neutral, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-caustic, aqueous-based degreasing solutions. They are not known to cause damage to humans or the environment. When used in accordance with directions they DO NOT create liquid hazardous wastes or produce cradle-to-grave liabilities.


You can view more detailed information about the safety of our SmartWasher parts washing systems and our OzzyJuice degreasing solutions in the “Science” section of the ChemFree web site, www.chemfree.com


Who and what is Ozzy®?

Ozzy is the name we selected for the blend of nonpathogenic (harmless to humans) microbes in the SmartWasher system. Our microbes, Ozzy and his friends, eat potentially harmful hydrocarbon wastes in the SmartWasher and transform these wastes into very small quantities of carbon dioxide and water. Similar types of microbes have been used for many years in various bioremediation applications, such as oil spills, including the clean up after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in March of 1989.


What happens to the grease, oil and other contaminants in the SmartWasher?

Grease, oil and other contaminants are bioremediated in the SmartWasher - transformed into harmless, non-hazardous by-products such as carbon dioxide and water. Particulate matter, such as sand, grit, dirt and paint chips are trapped in the OzzyMat to be disposed of properly.


How much oil can I put into the SmartWasher at a time?

As with all parts cleaners, excessive greases, oils and fluids should be disposed of prior to washing parts. The SmartWasher can handle large, tough, dirty jobs, but was not designed to be - nor should be treated as - a waste oil dump.


How quickly can Ozzy break down oil and grease?

Once activated, Ozzy and his friends are constantly eating. Assuming the system is operating optimally (OzzyJuice temperature between 108°F - 115°F and the OzzyMat routinely changed a minimum of once every 30 days) the rate at which the hydrocarbons can remediate can approach 80% every seven days. Analyses performed on samples of used OzzyJuice from operating SmartWashers consistently show oil and grease levels in the 1,400 parts per million range. BY COMPARISON, used, non-bioremediating, aqueous cleaners can average over 20,000 parts per million of oil and grease.


Does anything kill Ozzy?

YES. Any biocides designed to kill microbes, such as bleach and Lysol, will kill Ozzy; chemicals that kill living things like some strong pesticides and rat poison may be harmful to Ozzy.


What do I do if the OzzyMat clogs up quickly with grease?

If you are using the FL-3 Single Layer OzzyMat then you may want to switch to the FL-4 Multi-Layer OzzyMat. The FL-4 OzzyMat has 4 layers intended to be peeled away weekly eliminating unnecessary clogging. If you are using the FL-4 OzzyMat then you need to make sure you are peeling away the individual layers weekly, one layer every week for 3 weeks, and changing the entire mat on the 4th week or every month.


How often do I change the OzzyMat?

At least once a month. This simple act accomplishes three things: First, it keeps trapped contaminants from reaching hazardous levels. Secondly, Ozzy microbes are introduced into the SmartWasher system through the OzzyMat. Every time you change the OzzyMat you introduce fresh Ozzy(s) to the existing microbe colony which keeps the system working at an optimum level. Finally, changing the OzzyMat keeps sludge from building up in the base of the unit. If the OzzyMat is not changed regularly and allowed to become clogged, large contaminants can flow into the reservoir via the overflow holes in the sink, potentially causing sludge to build up.


How do I dispose of the OzzyMat?

The OzzyMat must be disposed of in accordance with your Federal, State and local regulations. In many areas the OzzyMat can be disposed of in a non-leaching, sealed manner, and disposed of as solid waste in accordance with the Federal State and local regulations. More OzzyMat disposal information is located in the Science section of the ChemFree web site, www.chemfree.com.


How often do I change the fluid (OzzyJuice)?

If you are changing your OzzyMat a minimum of once a month, under normal use and with proper maintenance, you should never have to change or haul away used OzzyJuice. This is one of the biggest advantages of the SmartWasher system. Ozzy(s) microbes clean contaminants from the fluid through the process of bioremediation. This leaves you with clean OzzyJuice to work
with day after day.


How often do I add OzzyJuice to the SmartWasher?

The SmartWasher comes equipped with a low fluid indicator light which illuminates when you are low on fluid. When this light is on you simply add (1) 5 gallon box of OzzyJuice to bring the fluid level up to normal. On average, with normal use, you will add (1) 5 gallon container of OzzyJuice approximately every six to eight weeks.


Can I simply add water to the SmartWasher to adjust the fluid level?

NO. Adding water will dilute the OzzyJuice, severely impacting its performance.


Can I buy OzzyJuice as a concentrate?

NO. ChemFree pre-blends its degreasing solutions with specially prepared water at the factory. This insures that only the best quality OzzyJuice is put into the SmartWasher. Due to the vast differences in the qualities of water across the country, consistent performance could not be guaranteed if OzzyJuice was blended at customer locations.


How well does OzzyJuice clean?

OzzyJuice is extraordinarily powerful and cleans extremely well. OzzyJuice is a surfactant that breaks down the surface tension between the grease and the part rather than dissolving it; the grease actually lifts off the parts leaving behind clean surfaces. Note that while OzzyJuice cleans differently than dangerous solvents or mineral spirits, it cleans just as well.


Will OzzyJuice clean carburetors, transmissions, aluminum, brakes and anything else in my shop?

YES. Not only is OzzyJuice effective on these parts, it will not damage non-metal components that may be attached to the parts being cleaned such as rubber or plastic fittings. As with all parts cleaners, some items are going to become cleaner at different rates than others due to the degree and type of grime encountered.


Can I soak parts in the OzzyJuice or the SmartWasher?

NO. Soaking parts in the SmartWasher can cause oxidation (rusting) in some metals, particularly soft metals such as aluminum. After you have completed washing your part(s) in the SmartWasher, and if they are not going to be reused right away, ChemFree recommends re-lubricating metal parts or spraying with some type of metal protection to prevent oxidation from the environment.


What color should the OzzyJuice be?

As the OzzyJuice is used to wash grease and oil from parts the color of the fluid will become dark. THIS IS NORMAL: while the OzzyJuice appears to be “dirty”, it has simply been dyed by the artificial colorings used in greases and oils.


Why doesn’t OzzyJuice damage my hands like solvents?

OzzyJuice is a pH-neutral, non-caustic, water-based formula that will not dry, crack or irritate the skin. Solvents are caustic and pull fat cells from the skin, possibly causing extreme drying, redness, blisters, and other dermatological problems.


Can I use OzzyJuice in other parts washers?

We do not recommend that OzzyJuice be used in other parts washers. The OzzyJuice and the SmartWasher were made to work together with variables such as specific temperatures, compensation for foam, and so on. Also remember, the Ozzy(s) microbes are in the OzzyMat and if the OzzyJuice is used in another machine it will not have the Ozzy(s) microbes to clean the fluid.


Can I use other fluids in my SmartWasher?

The SmartWasher parts washing system has been painstakingly developed to work effectively as a whole; SmartWasher, OzzyJuice and OzzyMat. Other solutions may damage the machine or kill Ozzy, thereby eliminating the advantages of the SmartWasher. The use of other solutions in the SmartWasher will void the warranty.


Why is the SmartWasher heated?

Two reasons: First, it keeps Ozzy eating at an optimal level to clean the solution as quickly as possible. Secondly, warm solution simply cleans better than cold solution. An added benefit to warm solution: it makes it more enjoyable to work with, especially in


Can the SmartWasher overheat if the OzzyJuice gets low?

NO. The heater is automatically de-activated when the “Add Fluid” indicator light is illuminated. While the pump will continue to operate, the heater will not be reactivated until (1) entire 5 gallon box of OzzyJuice is added to the system and the “Add Fluid” indicator light is off.


Is there a warranty for the SmartWasher?

The SmartWasher is fully warranted against defects for one year. For more detailed information on the warranty please refer to your SmartWasher operations manual or visit our web site, www.chemfree.com and look in the section titled “Support”.